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Champagne - Best Rates in the Bay Area - Gambling Trips and Tours
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Fred Franklin, Oakland (October 2003)
Franklin & Associates
"I appreciate your patience in dealing with my group and the professionalism you have demonstrated over the years. I look forward to doing business together in the future. Our next tour will be scheduled for November 5-7, 04. I hope that Luke can be our driver. Everyone feels safe & comfortable when he is behind the wheel… "

John Dudley, San Francisco (October 2003)
Presidio Activity Committee
"I would like to thank you for the years of excellent service. I know it takes a lot of patience with our group as many of our group members often experience last minute changes with their work schedule. I appreciate your willingness to work with me and hope to continue our business in the future. Too bad that the Peppermill H/C cannot offer better group rates. "

Lorraine Etcheverry/ SSF (April 2004)
Basque Cultural Center
"I did not realize that we had our 20th anniversary this year until I read your letter of appreciation on our last tour in April. Luke and you are part of our extended family. The members and I appreciate the many years of continued service that you both provided.
We have stayed at many Hotel/Casinos over the years, but the best experience for all of us has been the Peppermill Hotel/Casino.
Our group will not do a Reno or Lake Tahoe tour unless Luke drives the tour bus and you set up the package deal. You are part of our extended family. Thank you… "

Gloria Eckstein…SF (October 2002)
Beale Street Club
"We here at the Beale Street Grill & Bar appreciate your services. You always try to keep our tour going even when it lookes like that we have to cancel. Somehow you make it possible. Thank you for taking the time to work with me in the past. I am looking forward to our next Reno tour in October…."

Debra Fleming…ElCerrito (September 2003)
Dee-Dee’s Group
"The world is changing all around you but you are there like a rock. If I needed your help, you were there. You and Luke are a good team. I hope to give you some more business in the future. Unfortunately the economic situation keeps a lot of my group members closer to home. I will be contacting you with some ideas for local trips that are less expensive and do not require overnight arrangements. Thanks again for your professional assistance over the years…"

Sue Dudum…San Francisco (January 2004)
Ladies Auxiliary Committee
"Our Ladies Wine Country Shopping Tour was a success. Thank you for recommending The Napa Factory Outlet Stores. We enjoyed the treats…"

Brian Wells…San Jose (April 2004)
Brian Wells Party
"Our Bachelor Reno trip in April was great. We enjoyed the Special VIP Lounge bus. The guys had a good time. The hotel was nice but the food service there could have been better. I will recommend Champagne Tours to another friend who may be interested to do such a trip himself."

May Chow…San Mateo (October 2003)
"The Chi-MATEAN Womens Club would like to express its appreciation for several years of good service. You are always looking out for us and give us many options to choose from. We like your efficiency and we appreciate Luke’s willingness to put up with us every three months. Due to various commitments I have to sep aside and let Angie take over the tour arrangements. I am sure that you both will do a fine job. Thank you for your continued tour service…"

Faye Cole…Fremont (March 2004)
"The United Autoworkers are ready to book again after everyone enjoyed the Reno tour. The central location of the Golden Phoenix is just right for this group. We would like to book it again for October if possible. One of my coworkers is a member of another group who is looking for a reliable agency. I will recommend Champagne Tours. Thank you for helping us out…"

Jean Gorostiague…San Mateo (October 2003)
"My group, “Les Faneurs” from the Basque Cultural Center had a fabulous time in Reno and appreciates the good service that you and Luke provide. We decided to schedule our October tour once again with Champagne Tours. This time we would prefer a 2-Nighter. We like the coaches you provide and the hotels you select. You seem to know exactly what our group likes. Let’s do it again in October…"

Marta Espinoza…San Francisco (September 2003)
“The Society of our Lady of Guadalupe” would like to thank you for your services in arranging our Reno Fundraiser. Unfortunately several members had to cancel and we lost a portion of the fundraiser. Next time we may have to schedule a Turnaround to achieve our fundraising goal. Hotels are getting too expensive in Reno. The bus was great and your driver was very patient with some of our members who got lost.

Robin Crawford…San Francisco (February 2004)
"Sam Jordan’s group had a blast in Reno. Thank you for setting us up with a good trip. The service at the hotel could be more efficient but overall everyone enjoyed the 2-Nighter. The snowstorm surprised us but we could not have asked for a better driver. Most of the passengers fell asleep on the way back. Hope to do it again next year…"

Vicki …Emeryville
Mail Handler’s Union…Local 302 (April 2004)
"Angela, as always…Thanks for providing us with a good bus and driver. We missed Luke. This was only the second time in years that he did not take care of our group. We would like to thank the Mercury Tour’s driver who went out of his way to make sure that we receive the good service that we are used to. I am not sure if the Union will schedule another Training Seminar this year. Otherwise we will be in touch with you again next year…"

Renee Inaudi…Millbrae (April 2004)
"We enjoyed the ElDorado last year and hope to repeat a good time at the Silver Legacy this year. Let me know if we could transfer the reservation to another date just in case. Some of my group members may not be available in April for my annual birthday trip. I know that you will find a way to provide us with the best possible solution. Thank you for being flexible. I appreciate your services…"

Johnny….Oakland (July 2003)
Cue City Pool League
"It’s not easy to coordinate a tour with 2 buses and 90 people. I was able to do it only with your help. Thanks. It was truly an unforgettable experience and I hope to schedule another trip soon. Another agency would not have given us so options and solutions to unexpected problems. You are a great person to work with…"

Steven Ibarra…San Jose (May 2003)
"Thanks for a good service. Everyone in this Bachelor group enjoyed the tour. The Golden Phoenix is a nice place but the service could be improved. Overall the tour was worth every penny. I will recommend you to another person who is looking to work with a reliable agency. I am sure that you will give her the same extended service as I received…."

Frank Carbajal, San Jose (March 2004)
Frank & Friends
“It’s always a pleasure working with you. The guys are getting ready to schedule another Overnighter for January 15, 2005. I would appreciate if you could set us up again at the Golden Phoenix and also request Luke to be our driver. As always the group would like a 3hr ski stop at Soda Springs before we proceed to Reno. I like to have a guarantee on a coach with a VCR system. We missed it on our last tour. Looking forward to another successful trip…Frank”

Napoleon Moore, San Francisco (November 2002)
Jazz Room
“The Jazz Room appreciates your services over the last few years. I regret to inform you that I will no longer be arranging the Reno Tours and will have someone else to contact you with regard to our annual “Sands” trip. I hope that we will continue doing business with Champagne Tours…”

Christian Jansen, Pacifica (June 2004)
“Our Lake Tahoe Special was a success. Luke probably gave you most of the tour details. The only problem I noticed was the fact that there is no facility in South Lake Tahoe near Stateline for the driver to dump the toilet. Maybe you could find out more details on this subject. Our group is very particular about the restroom on the coach. Thank you for working with me on this tour. I appreciate your professional recommendations and hope to contact you for our other tours we are planning. We would like to request Luke for all tours if he is available…”

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